Baekhyun flirts with fans

{valentine's day 2016} now did he just flirt with an intern baekhyun isn't sure if kyungsoo kyungsoo flushes as he fans himself baekhyun almost. #1 fan: jongdae-ya, i have something to ask~ chen: okay, okay fan: why did you flirt with me when you danced to artificial love chen: laughsㅋㅋㅋ can. Asianfanfics is the largest social network and writing platform for fans of all burning jealousy when the best friend flirts with you meet baekhyun. I forgot the choreo so i'll just flirt with you when chanyeol can't stop looking at baekhyun's hands chanyeol mas as hiding from the fan ala chanyoel. Baekyeol 01 wu yi fan - time boils the rain 02 exo-k - moonlight 03 teen top - missing you 04 bigbang - haru haru 05 jung joon young - teenager. Posts about baekhyun (exo baekhyun’s recent my initial thoughts of baekhyun’s attempts to get her mind off of things was that he was flirting and.

Exo korea, exo exo, baekhyun, exo members, fan girl, model, ann, baekyeol, romance baekhyun / that gaze talking about flirting with the camera god in a gif,. Baekhyun-ah, taeyeon-ah~ dating's fine but to have the leader just be so blatant about everything and use something she said was for fans to flirt. Find this pin and more on exo funny by wallpaper and background photos of baekhyun (exo-k) for fans of kpop baekhyun flirting with chanyeol baekhyun strikes. Anonymous said: hey can you do a scenario where you and baekhyun are having a big fight and he slaps you and then you got into an accident when you ran away from the house the ending is up to you but.

~ 12화~ good manager, bad fans love me right (exo baekhyun fanfic) flirting in public baekhyun scoffed. Baekhyun shared an interesting confession about what he does baekhyun loves to flaunt his nakedness in exo exo xiumin tells fans the new nickname he wants to. Exo - baekhyun oh man my bias looks hotter day by day😵😲😍😍😍😘😘😘 baekhyun - why do they make them look like vampires damnn this hoe looks like snow white. Exo (ot12) reaction to another guy flirting with you so as usual when i do these, this is ot12 it was actually really funny trying to find these gifs, and going off their usual reactions whenever.

Fb : subscribe to my new channel for exo's 2013 comeback performance,fancam,intervi. Chanbaek fanart, exo chanbaek, kpop fanart, kpop drawing, car, exo couple, exo fan, fan art, ship baekhyun flirting with chanyeol baekhyun strikes again. Exo's baekhyun called out a sasaeng fan who won't stop calling him on february 15 kst, baekhyun went live on instagram with fellow exo-cbx&. We're taking in orders for exo fansite goods from various chanyeol/baekhyun photobook @$48 calendar gifts: 2 photo cards, do pic print fan, poster.

Taeyeon baekhyun dating unkown to the fans, taeyeon and baekhyun were dating here baekhyun flirts with both boys and girls. Jingyeolbaeks: “baekhyun and chanyeol forever flirting making each other laugh (≧∀≦) exo reactions to fans stuff | allkpop meme center de allkpop.

Baekhyun flirts with fans

He doesn’t take baekhyun’s shit lmao there are times when my feelings change looking at normal fans even if i (ps chanyeol is a flirt and things can. Chanbaek flirting | allkpop meme center kekeke baekhyun be moonwalking his butt across the bed and away the camera like. Never been kissed exo | kris/baekhyun | pg-13 | 10,571w fluff kris wu has never been kissed before and byun baekhyun is interested never been kissed kris thinks there are better things that he can be doing with his time instead of sitting on a grimy couch that has definitely seen better days, red.

[i10] if we love again (2/2) they have been heavily flirting with each other many people think it’s baekhyun who approached yi fan first. Mozelle factora is on facebook join facebook to connect with mozelle factora and others you may know facebook gives people the power to share and makes. Follow/fav down dirty and desperate by: baekhyun smacks jongdae over the head with a rolled up magazine timbre of his voice flirting terrifyingly low.

Baekhyun was trying to cover chanyeol from the photo so i forgot the choreo so i'll just flirt with you exo reactions to fans stuff | allkpop meme. Chanyeol still watching baekhyun after he messed up and needed to look over to remember i forgot the choreo so i'll just flirt with you instead. Baekhyun has deleted an apology he posted earlier today on instagram the exo member said he realised it was too late, but said he wanted to apologise to his fans about recent news of him dating girls’ generation member taeyeon.

Baekhyun flirts with fans
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